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We are at the halfway mark of 2011. I hope you've been having a good year.

When you think back to the beginning of the year and the things you were hoping to have, do and be in 2011 how many of those things have come to pass? If you are on track for accomplish your goals for the year good for you! If not you still have six months to revise your plans or get back on track with your original ones. Exciting!

I love checking in on my goals at this time of year. It helps me to review all that I have accomplished and congratulate myself. If you are like me you work with a TO DO LIST. This list can be helpful. But often as soon as we cross one thing off the list we've added three more things. If we don't stop and appreciate ourselves for what we have done, the list, rather than being a helpful tool ends up being a stick with which to beat ourselves. So STOP and give yourself a pat on the back for all that you've accomplished so far in 2011.

I also recommend taking time to make a course correction if you seem to have gotten off track. The clatter and clang of daily life can sometimes distract us from our quiet values and soft spoken dreams. So take a moment to notice if you've gotten caught up in things that really don't serve your higher purposes. When you notice this has occurred you can gently excuse yourself from the distractions and kindly nudge yourself back on your chosen course. You still have time to take actions, and make choices that can create your best year yet and spring board you toward your fabulous future.  

3 Tips 

*Write down your goal(s)

*Tell someone your goal(s) every day. I know. Scary. But you're not sharing your goals for approval but to hold yourself accountable and to make it possible for people to help. 


*Schedule at least 15 minutes to take some action, a baby step towards your goal(s) every day.

You've got six more months of 2011. Go get 'em!

elina Brown